Falcon Esports Beat Blacklist International Twice in M4 World Championship

The M4 World Championship has entered the Group Stage day 4 where teams are starting to seriously chase scores for the Upper Bracket slot. Myanmar’s representative team in the M4 World Championship, Falcon Esports, is in the spotlight after defeating Blacklist International twice.

They surprised the crowd with their stunning performance. Justin and their friends showed that Myanmar is not a weak country and is capable of showing off in the M4 World Championship.

Especially when they managed to beat Blacklist International twice, making Falcon Esports in the spotlight. Because Blacklist is a very strong team and won the M3 World Championship last year.

Gold Laner’s meta is key to beating Blacklist International

Group A Match
Blacklist International vs Falcon Esports | Oura Gaming
Group A Tie Breaker
Blacklist International vs Falcon Esports | Oura Gaming

Previously, Falcon Esports defeated last year’s M3 champions Blacklist International. Not to mention, they also beat them again in the Group A Tie Breaker match once again.

This is certainly a rare feat given that the Blacklist has very strong abilities. What’s more, Falcon Esports managed to show a very outstanding draft that proved to be effective against the Blacklist.

Falcon Esports is aware that Blacklist International is a team with a small hero pool. Taking advantage of this luck, Falcon also issued a META that is rarely seen, namely Mage Gold Laner. They did this to counter Karrie’s hero who was OP-OP because he had just received a buff and the new Swift Crossbow item.

They didn’t do this Mage Gold Laner meta just once, but they did it in both matches. Because when Karrie was released, Blacklist International immediately picked the hero. Although it looks risky to release the OP hero, it turns out that Falcon Esports has prepared a strategy to deal with it.

That was the discussion about Falcon Esports being in the spotlight after beat Blacklist International twice. Hopefully, the information we provide can be useful and useful. Keep following Gamedaim so you don’t miss other updated information about Mobile Legends Esports from us.

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