PMGC 2022 Group Stage Team List From Each Country

PMGC 2022 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) is a tournament that brings together the best PUBG Mobile teams from all countries in the world. The 48 teams competing in PMGC 2022 will be fighting for first place and a total prize pool of $4,000,000.

The PMGC 2022 team list roster has also been announced, they will begin to play through the League phase consisting of Group Stage, Survival Stage, and Last Chance. Then the teams that qualify will advance to the Grand Final.

Unlike the previous year, this PMGC 2022 brings together the best PUBG Mobile teams in the world in one group. The PMGC will no longer use the east-west format and will use a more complex and challenging format.

The 2022 PMGC will be held in Southeast Asia (SEA), which will be divided into 2 phases held in 2 different countries.

The League phase, which runs from 10 November – 4 December 2022, will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the Grand Final Phase of PMGC 2022, which takes place from 6 – 8 January 2022, will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

All PMGC 2022 matches can be watched via live broadcast on PUBG Mobile’s official YouTube.

PMGC 2022 Team List – Group Stage

Pmgc 2022 team list
PMGC 2022 Team List

A total of 48 teams will compete in the Group Stage, divided equally into 3 groups (RED, GREEN, and YELLOW) of 16 teams. Each group will play in a specific week, with each week consisting of 4 match days.

Each matchday consists of 6 matches for a total of 24 matches per week. The top 3 teams from each group will automatically advance to the Grand Final. The 4th – 11th Place Teams from each group advance to the Survival Stage, and the bottom 12-16th Place Teams from each group will be eliminated.

Here is the full list of PMGC 2022 Group Stage teams from each country.

Grup RED

Buriram united esports Buriram United Esports Thailand
The infinity The Infinity Thailand
Bigetron red aliens Bigetron Red Aliens Indonesia
4rivals 4RIVALS Malaysia
Box gaming BOX Gaming Vietnam
Influence chemin Influence Chemin Brazil
Team queso Team QUESO LATAM
R8 esports R8 Esports MENA
Nigma galaxy Nigma Galaxy MENA
Titan gaming TITAN Gaming MENA
Drs gaming DRS Gaming Nepal
Agon x i8 esports Agon x i8 Esports Pakistan
S2g esports S2G Esports Turkey
Madbulls MADBULLS Europe
Emtek stormx emTek StormX Korea
Lgd gaming LGD Gaming China
PMGC 2022 Group Stage Team List RED Group


Bacon time BACON Time Thailand
Vampire esports Vampire Esports Thailand
Evos reborn EVOS Reborn Indonesia
Yoodo alliance Yoodo Alliance Malaysia
Inco gaming INCO Gaming Brazil
Alpha7 esports Alpha7 Esports Brazil
Pittsburgh knights Pittsburgh Knights North America
Powr esports POWR Esports MENA
One million esports One Million Esports Africa
Godlike stalwart Godlike StalwartSouth Asia
Skylightz gaming Skylightz Gaming South Asia
Fire flux esports FIRE FLUX Esports Europe
Hvvp HVVP Europe
Dwg kia DWG KIA Korea
Nova esports Nova Esports China
Donuts usg Donuts USG Japan
PMGC 2022 Group Stage Team List GREEN Group


Tem entertainment TEM Entertainment Thailand
Faze clan FaZe Clan Thailand
Genesis dogma gids Genesis Dogma GIDS Indonesia
Geek fam my Geek Fam MY Malaysia
Dxavier DXavier Vietnam
Vivo keyd VIVO Keyd Brazil
Furious gaming Furious Gaming LATAM
Team falcons Team Falcons MENA
Geekay esports Geekay Esports MENA
Ihc esports IHC Esports South Asia
Trained to kill t2k Trained To Kill (T2K) South Asia
Besiktas esports Besiktas Esports Turkey
Game lord GAME-LORD France
Ds gaming DS Gaming Korea
4am 4AM China
Reject Reject Japan
PMGC 2022 Group Stage Team List YELLOW Group

PMGC 2022 Schedule

Pmgc 2022 schedule
Pmgc 2022 schedule

PMGC 2022 will last for more than 2 months starting from the League phase that begins in November 2022 and ending with the Grand Final in January 2023.

The format used in this PMGC 2022 starts with the League phase which is divided into Group Stage, Survival Stage and ends with Last Chance. After that, it will continue to the next phase, the PMGC 2022 Grand Final.

For complete details regarding the PMGC 2022 schedule, you can refer to this article: Complete PMGC 2022 Schedule

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