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10 Best Roblox Games that are Fun to Play

Looking for the best Roblox games to play? You have come to the right place because here Gamedaim will provide recommendations for games that are very exciting for you to play on Roblox.

Roblox is an online gaming platform and game creation system that allows users to program a game and play games created by other users.

In Roblox, there are many types of games that can be played, ranging from Adventure, Racing, to RPG genre games, and many more. All these games can be enjoyed by more than 100 million Roblox users. Think of Roblox as Minecraft but on a larger scale.

For this discussion, Gamedaim will provide recommendations for the 10 best Roblox games that are fun to play. Want to know what the games are? Let’s take a look at the full review below.


1. Speed Run 4

Best roblox games
Speed run 4

Speed Run 4 is a fast-paced platformer game that’s perfect for playing in a short lunch hour. After crossing the start line, you’ll automatically be placed in sprint mode and the goal is to race through each of the 31 levels as quickly as possible.

Simple, but the level design is as eclectic as the soundtrack. One map might have you traversing a bright purple platform into a psychedelic trance, while the next might be plain white.

You can play Speed Run 4 together with friends and storm through each level with quite a fun feel. But racing against fellow Roblox friends will add another dimension to this fast-paced platformer.

2. Hide and Seek Extreme

Best roblox games
Hide and seek extreme

Hide and seek is a game that we have known since childhood, this game is indeed very exciting to play. But, in Roblox, there is a game called Hide and Seek Extreme that can provide a more challenging hide-and-seek experience.

If players want a simple game, you can play this. One player is randomly selected as ‘IT’ and must find their friend after being given a short time to hide on an imaginatively designed game map.

3. Adopt Me

Best roblox games
Adopt me

Anyone who has ever played the classic Nintendo DS game Catz and Dogz are sure to love this pet game where you have to raise, dress up and care for adopted creatures. You can build your own house and decorate it as you wish for the arrival of your new pet.

If you’re not happy with the pet you have, then you can sell the animal to another player. Adopt Me is updated regularly, introducing new animals every update ranging from parrots to deer, with the latest update, The Monkey Fairground, and many more.

There are many things that make you addicted to playing Adopt Me, making it one of the best and most popular Roblox games today.

4. Super Bomb Survival

Best roblox games
Super bomb survival

Like Post-Apocalyptic Survival, you’ll have to avoid various physics-based threats that fall out of nowhere if you want to stay intact in Super Bomb Survival.

Aerial threats come in many forms from dynamite exploding on timers to spreading fire. The location of the bombing then reveals the verticality and destructiveness of each environment. The explosion left behind permanent structural damage that constantly shifted during each two-and-a-half-minute rotation. The real thrill of this Roblox game comes when players start scrambling to find a new escape route after having just avoided another hazard.

5. Jailbreak

Best roblox games

The next best Roblox game is Jailbreak, a Roblox game that will make you choose one of two roles between Police Officer or Criminal. If you choose to be the villain, you’ll be living out Michael Schofield’s dream of escaping His Majesty’s Pleasure.

Meanwhile, as a police officer, you’ll be armed with a pistol, a taser, and a set of handcuffs to thwart the attempts of prisoners who want to escape. However, if they escape, the game will explode in scale into an open world. At this point a massive game of hide-and-seek takes place for the police pursuers.

6. Murder Mystery 2

Best roblox games
Murder mystery 2

This Roblox game is a very addictive game with a touch of mystery to solve murder cases. Once players choose one of the various imaginatively designed and nuanced maps they want to play on, they are assigned one of three roles, innocent, sheriff, and assassin.

The assassin and the sheriff are the only armed characters, however, at the start of each round. Therefore, they choose when to make their moves, and a thrilling level of strategy ensues as you desperately study and suspect each member of the group to see who looks the most devious.

7. Work at Pizza Place

Best roblox games
Work at pizza place

This one is definitely for fans of cooking games. If working for a pizza company sounds like fun, you can try a game called Work at Pizza Place.

Work at a Pizza Place is a game within Roblox that invites players to join Builder Brothers’ Pizza to make their dreams of becoming cashiers, cooks, and delivery mules come true.

Playing around with the first three jobs was amusing enough, but it would be fun as a cashier, dealing with angry customers. Once you’re done serving the pizza-loving population, you can test out the surprising driving mechanics by delivering customers’ orders to their doors.

8. Pet Simulator X

Best roblox games
Blox fruits

Pet Simulator X is the best Roblox game about creating a collection of adorable pets, and adventuring around the world together, collecting coins, and adding them to the zoo. If you’re lucky, you might hatch some rare pets that you can show off and even trade with other players.

9. Blox Fruits

Best roblox games
Blox fruits

Inspired by the Devil Fruit from the One Piece anime, consuming Blox Fruits can grant players a variety of strange and extraordinary powers. It depends on the type of fruit you eat. Using the power of this fruit, every time you complete a mission you will continue to grow in strength and skill. You can play together with other players to kill enemies and level up.

10. Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

Best roblox games
Scuba diving at quill lake

Being transported to a beautiful lake feels like a half-decent vacation, scouring the area for treasure. However, you won’t be able to access everything right away, dark caves require flashlights and deeper, more open water will require extra training and better equipment.

Collect underwater money and collectibles to sell and upgrade the character you use to be able to explore wider and further. And, since this is a Roblox game, the MMO aspect of the platform gives each player tips and support.

So that was the information about the 10 best Roblox games that are fun to play. Don’t forget to follow Gamedaim so that you don’t miss more up-to-date and interesting information about many games from us.

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