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15 Best Xbox Game Pass Games of 2022

In this article, Gamedaim will share with you the 15 best Xbox Game Pass Games of 2022 which will certainly be very interesting for you to try.

It is known that the Xbox Game Pass service is getting more games in 2022 that can be played for free. Starting from the latest titles like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, DOOM, Watch Dogs 2, and many more.

Even so, only the best among all existing games, for that, here we will provide a list of the 15 best Xbox Game Pass games in 2022 that you must try if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass.


15 Best Xbox Game Pass Games You Must Play!

1. Minecraft

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 17

The first of the best Xbox Game Pass games of 2022 is Minecraft, a game best known to gamers around the world. Players can collect block materials and use them to build whatever they want from the blocks.

This game is very popular online and can appeal to children in a way that no other game can. Because in the game, players can immediately create what they want.

This is a game that can sharpen the brain and the mind and imagination to build what they want. Players can also build infinitely without worrying about running out of materials like Lego.

2. Powerwash Simulator

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 18

Powerwash Simulator is one of the best Xbox Game Pass Games 2022 that is perfect for those of you who want to relax and relax while playing games. As the name implies, in this game you will play as a professional washer and your job is to use the washing tools to remove dirt from every building, vehicle, playground, and more.

On top of that, you can also take on special jobs to wash something more extreme like exploring Planet Mars. But your job here is still to clean everything that is dirty.

Cleaning can be the most relaxing way to unwind, it can also make you cleaner in the real world not just in the game. You won’t feel any competition in this game and it will never fail to make you feel comfortable playing it.

3. Watch Dogs 2

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 19

Do you like GTA? Then maybe you should try a game similar to GTA called Watch Dogs 2. The best game made by Ubisoft has been recognized by the world as one of the best games ever.

Watch Dogs 2 takes you into the city of San Francisco and you play as Marcus Halloway. He is a professional hacker who works with a hacker group called DedSec.

In the game, you will have a number of missions that need to be completed, you can use a number of Drones and RC Cars as tools to hack remotely. You can also hack using your mobile phone. If something dangerous happens, you can use the stun gun to provide resistance.

4. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 20

It’s been three years since Assassin’s Creed Origins was released, but it’s still considered the best Xbox Game Pass game of 2022 to date.

You’ll experience what it’s like to explore the world of the past with a phenomenal concoction of historical tourism, science fiction stories, and real battles.

The map that you can explore in this game is vast and this game also belongs to the Open-World game category. You can freely explore whatever you want if you get bored with the mission.

Even Ubisoft’s two latest games, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the newer Assassin’s Creed Valhalla may only partially match it.

5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 21

We can never escape the Halo series, a first person shooter (FPS) game that popularized local competitiveness on consoles. The Master Chief Collection pack includes several Halo games, all of which are a blast to play.

What’s so striking about this collection is how many ways there are to play, you can go on adventures or even start your own campaign. If you’re tired of being alone, then you can try the co-op mode which allows you to play with friends.

This is one of those FPS games that was released and is still very much worth playing today. This package includes so many games, each of which is filled with different modes and options. It’s hard to imagine you’ll ever get bored while playing it.

6. Age of Empires 4

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 22

Age of Empires 4 is a follow-up game to what happened in the previous game series. This is a classic real-time strategy game on PC that can sharpen your mind in developing strategies. You’ll have multiple campaigns and play online with friends.

What makes Age of Empires 4 different from other games is that it can remind players of a beautiful history that would be a shame to forget.

7. Doom (2016)

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 23

Doom 2016 ranks among the best Xbox Game Pass games ever in gaming history. Players can move quickly, swapping between various weapons, grenades, and other melee attacks.

In this game, you will have the task of killing the Demons from Planet Mars. They have an evil goal to bring Doom or Apocalypse to Planet Earth and the players will try to prevent it.

This game has many funny scenes but there are also many bloody scenes, you will pass many obstacles. There are no levels in Doom that can make you feel bored and all the stories are also very long to complete. So you’ll need to spend a lot of time to complete it.

8. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 24

The Mass Effect game franchise was huge on Xbox 360, but in order to expand, even more, they finally released it to various Xbox platforms. They bundled it into one game package called Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The story still follows Commander Shepard, a futuristic military hero who has the task of collecting alien collections. Every gameplay and storyline of this game is superbly crafted.

As a trilogy, the games build on each other with meaningful choices that carry over to the next entry, giving weight to your choices. The Legendary Edition is the way to experience Mass Effect, and it’s a must-play whether you’re on your first run to save the galaxy or your fifth.

9. Hitman Trilogy

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 25

There are three Hitman Trilogy games that you can play, namely Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3. All three are related and have very interesting stories for you to play.

In the game, we will play as a bald secret assassin agent who has the task of killing a number of targets.

While fighting, we may see some violence and killing, but thankfully it’s in a mild form. So we will still be able to enjoy it by feeling the comfortable atmosphere.

10. Inside

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 26

Looking for a game similar to Limbo? Then you can try the Best Xbox Game Pass game called Inside which is also a game made by the same developer of the Limbo game.

Inside is a game that shows us the horrors that humans can cause.

In the game, you play as a little boy in a red shirt who investigates a factory/secret factory that is hiding something. You’ll explore a world full of puzzles and will most likely encounter many scary creatures.

It’s all about the mood and the haunting visuals, making it an experience you can’t explain without giving it away. So make use of your Game Pass subscription and play Inside games that are fresh and pure.

11. Total War: WARHAMMER 3

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 27

Miss the game Total War: WARHAMMER? You can play this game through Xbox Game Pass. This is the biggest game ever, you’ll be tasked with conquering two separate dimensions. With an army of bear monsters and other troops to attack the Realm of Chaos.

Not only that, but in this WARHAMMER 3 game you will also find all the things related to the previous two series. “Immortal Empires” is an expansion that combines three world maps and every faction from each game into one big, scary world domination campaign.

12. Guardians of The Galaxy

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 28

Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest game from Marvel that takes the Marvel superhero characters from the movie of the same name. You will find a lot of Marvel content and characters in it about the struggles of each member of the Guardians of The Galaxy that are very touching.

For those of you who love action games, then Guardians of The Galaxy will be quite an enjoyable game. You will be able to explore the world of space with members of the Guardians of The Galaxy including Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Groot, and Gamora.

13. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 29

The Elder Scrolls 5 or better known as Skyrim is a classic MMORPG game that you can play on almost any console. Even the Xbox Game Pass also features this game.

Just like most of Bethesda’s RPGs, Skyrim is an FPS game with a gigantic world that lives in immense world to explore, a story to uncover, and various guilds to join.

But you can also go off the beaten track and find your own fun in Skyrim this rewards you for being curious. This is the kind of Game Pass game that you can play for hundreds of hours without ever getting bored.

14. Stardew Valley

Best xbox game pass games 2022 14
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 30

Learning about plants and farming might sound good, maybe you’ll like this Best Xbox Game Pass 2022 game called Stardew Valley. A game that offers friendly gameplay where you will be taken to get to know the world of agriculture more deeply.

During gameplay, you have the task of transforming the farm into something more advanced called Modern Utopia.

Stardew Valley is the most relaxing free game you can play on Game Pass, all you need to do is plant seeds, take care of animals and make friends with the villagers.

15. Tetris Effect: Connected

Best xbox game pass games of 2022
15 best xbox game pass games of 2022 31

The last best Xbox Game Pass game is Tetris Effect: Connected, this is a game that offers so many ways to play. It’s easy to match with people who might be intimidated by most other games.

This game is essentially a typical Tetris game, where you flip the pieces, make solid horizontal lines across the board, and make them crumble. As you try to deal with the falling shapes before your tower reaches the top.

The campaign also features beautiful music and thumping, shifting visual effects that help bring the experience to a new level of relaxation and satisfaction. It’s Tetris with an excellent way of playing both literally and figuratively.

That’s the list of the 15 best Xbox Game Pass games of 2022. Don’t forget to follow Gamedaim so you don’t miss out on other updated and interesting information about many games from us.

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