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10 Best Hidden Gems Xbox Game Pass 2022

Hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass that you might have missed, 1. Prodeus 2. Immortality 3. Omori 4. Monster Sanctuary 5. As Dusk Falls 6. SpiderHeck 7. Road 96 8.Citizen Sleeper 9, Unpacking 10. Lake

Xbox Game Pass brings a huge selection of games to subscribed users. Since there are so many to choose from, it’s easy to miss out on some games.

Most users look at a game based on its title, if it feels busy, then they will play it. In fact, there are some games that don’t have well-known titles but can provide a fun gaming experience.

Well, in this discussion, Gamedaim will discuss the 10 hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass 2022. Curious about what the games are? Let’s take a look at the following article.


10 Best Hidden Gems on Xbox Game Pass 2022

1. Prodeus

Hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass 2022 1

Prodeus is an Xbox Game Pass 2022 hidden gem that has been out for a while and is now back. Using modern rendering techniques and technologies, you will experience the delightful quality of modern AAA. Designed with a retro aesthetic and gameplay that embraces the limits of technology.

Satan, the historical enemy of the Killer that inhabited Mars and Earth was replaced by Prodean and the ruthless forces of Chaos. This game offers high-tension gameplay as destroying hordes of enemies is more fun than ever.

Featuring industrial FPS campaign gameplay, co-op multiplayer play, competitive in classic mode, and a vast map to explore.

2. Immortality

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass

The next hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass 2022 is Immortality, Sam Barlow can always come back with an even more fun story. After Her Story and Telling Lies, she’s back with a more complicated, enigmatic, and certainly interesting story to play.

Three previously incomplete films can finally be fulfilled in the game Immortality, you must discover the fate of the mysterious actress Marissa Marcel, the main character and leitmotiv of the production.

3. Omori

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass

Omori is a psychological horror game with RPG elements that include a combat system that can keep you guessing. You will be affected by anger, sadness, and happiness.

Despite appearing in festive and colorful outfits, behind Omori is a tortured soul. Includes disturbing elements ranging from depressive stress to extreme measures such as suicide.

The emotional soundtrack will accompany you on your journey as you transform reality and dreams, fun and drama, joy and pain, in a continuous and unique swing of emotions.

4. Monster Sanctuary

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass
Monster Sanctuary

It offers a unique adventure by blending different genres and includes turn-based combat with great tactical depth. Monster Sanctuary can be a fun game for you to play.

Environmental puzzles provide an exploration experience that is sure to be a lot of fun. A tactical 3V3 battle that requires intelligence, strategy, and careful planning.

Intense battles by combining attack combos and synergy between various team components. The RPG mechanics in this game are quite challenging and each enemy has its own unique abilities.

5. As Dusk Falls

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass
As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is one of the best hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass with an original interactive from INTERIOR/NIGHT that explores the lives of two families entangled over thirty years.

Starting in 1998 with a robbery gone wrong in a small Arizona town, the choices you make will have a strong impact on the characters’ lives.

The narrative will be profound and curated, offering branching choices and a compelling story involving two families whose destinies are connected in a 30-year drama.

6. SpiderHeck

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass

Not as great as Spider-Man, but this SpiderHeck game is also very exciting for you to play. With a fun and sparkling local Multiplayer game where spiders with special abilities for combat and amazing fighting skills are ready to fight to the death.

These spiders can do anything you can’t possibly imagine in this game. They have impeccable mobility, combined with simple, tension-filled maps where one mistake can be fatal.

7. Road 96

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass
Road 96

Road 96: The documentary chronicles the creative journey made by French studio DigixArt during the 3-year development of Road 96. It culminated in the release of their most ambitious and successful project to date.

On the way to the border, you will meet many characters, and discover their intertwined stories and secrets. The choices you make can change your adventure, change the people you meet, and maybe even change the world.

8. Citizen Sleeper

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass
Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is a narrative role-playing game with an author’s imprint that offers unique features and an essence that implicitly aims to be faithful to TTRPG. The choice is very important and helps to create a unique and diverse storyline.

In this Xbox Game Pass 2022 hidden gems, you will experience a more immersive narrative game made with a modern theme like Cyber Punk.

9. Unpacking

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass

Although a short game, Unpacking manages to provide a satisfying gaming experience for its players. The gameplay is simple yet meaningful, from pulling objects out of the box after moving and moving them to a new home.

Unpacking is a convenient and relaxing puzzle game that gives you a sense of satisfaction as you unpack and place your belongings where they belong when moving to a new place.

The puzzles in this game are mostly just block-fitted styles trying to incorporate fun home decorations.

10. Lake

hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass

The last Xbox Game Pass 2022 hidden gems is Lake, a story-driven point-and-click adventure that is a sweet life that takes place over two weeks in the 80s. Providence Oaks, the tranquil town that serves as the setting for the narrative, will make you feel comfortable in your sweet work routine.

During her two-week stay in beautiful Providence Oaks, Oregon, you will meet some familiar faces as well as many new people. As Meredith, you have to decide who to talk to, who to be friends with, and maybe even start a romantic relationship with someone.

Those are the 10 hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass 2022 that you might be interested in trying. Don’t forget to follow Gamedaim so you don’t miss out on other updated and interesting information about many games from us.

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