Hideki Kamiya: PlatinumGames Could Make as Many as 9 Bayonetta Games

Hideki Kamiya as vice president of PlatinumGames has revealed that his company can make as many as 9 Bayonetta games.

This information was revealed by Kamiya during an interview with IGN. If you’re interested in games from PlatinumGames, you can check out our other articles here.

“PlatinumGames Can Make as Many as 9 Bayonetta Games”

Speaking with IGN, Hideki Kamiya was asked if their fans have a chance to see Bayonetta 4 or possibly Bayonetta 5.

Kamiya replied that he personally “can’t imagine the Bayonetta franchise ending”. He also intends to pitch the ideas to PlatinumGames.

I personally can’t imagine the Bayonetta franchise ending. I want to make Bayonetta 4 and Bayonetta 5, and I intend to submit them to the company. We often talk internally about how we can make 9 of them. I want people who love the Bayonetta franchise to believe me when I say, ‘I won’t do anything that will betray the players.’

Hideki Kamiya, Vice President of PlatinumGames

Kamiya was also asked if he wanted to make a spin-off of the Bayonetta franchise, to which he replied that he “wanted” to.

I want to make a spin-off. It’s an established part of Jeanne’s character that she also works as a superhero called Cutie J. I even want to make a spin-off for that. Keeping the Bayonetta franchise going is the most important thing to me, so I’m not hung up on what numbers are attached to the game title. I want to be able to portray the vast world of Bayonetta that exists inside my head.

Hideki Kamiya, Vice President of PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames has actually announced a Bayonetta spin-off called Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. The game is planned to be released on Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2023.

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