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Aces of Thunder, Spin-Off War Thunder For VR

Gaijin Entertainment has announced a spin-off of War Thunder for VR headsets, Aces of Thunder.

This information was announced by Gaijin Entertainment through their social media. If you’re interested in VR games, you can check out our other articles here.

Description of Aces of Thunder

Aces of Thunder, a spin-off of the game War Thunder, is being developed for the PlayStation VR2 platform. The game will be focused exclusively on aerial combat and distributed under a paid model.

All aircraft that will be part of this game or future add-ons will be available immediately after purchase and players will be able to use cosmetic items to customize their aircraft.

The PlayStation VR2 headset will allow players to perfectly experience the sensation of flying and be fully immersed in the role of a fighter pilot. Physically accurate flight and damage models will further enhance the believability of Aces of Thunder.

The battles will always take place exclusively from the cockpit view and with full control over all flight systems. As a result, players will learn to fly a plane almost for real, literally with their hands.

The game will focus on the legendary aircraft of World War II, such as the American P-51 Mustang and the British Spitfire, initially, while future add-ons will feature fighters from other eras.

All game modes in Aces of Thunder will offer competitive online battles with other virtual pilots in different formats (team versus team, single duel, and more).

Aces of Thunder is being developed by Gaijin Entertainment’s new in-house team whose members have experience developing War Thunder. The game’s release date will be announced later.

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