Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Could Return to Android

Rovio has said that Rovio Classics: Angry Birds could return to Android if the rebranding is successful on iOS.

This information was said by Ben Mattes during an interview with Axios. If you are interested in Rovio’s games, you can check out our other articles here.

Rovio: Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Could Return to Android

Speaking with Axios, Ben Mattes said that Rovio removed Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on Android because the classic title made other Angry Birds titles harder to find in search results.

Mattes explained that players would reportedly search for Angry Birds titles on the App Store, finding Rovio Classics: Angry Birds as the top result, but they don’t want to spend 1 USD.

Rovio previously tried to name it Rovio Classics: AB, but that solution didn’t solve the problem. They also removed the name “Angry Birds” from the game’s metadata in hopes that it would help other titles to rank higher in search results, but this solution didn’t work either.

“We’ve spent the last 10 or 11 months trying to solve this problem,” Mattes told Axios.

He added that this is what ultimately led Rovio to think that “there was no other option but to do something a little more drastic” to reduce the negative impact on its portfolio.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is currently renamed Red’s First Flight on iOS, with Mattes saying that the impact of this new name could mean that the classic game will return to Android under the same name or will be removed from iOS if it doesn’t fix the problem.

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