Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile Shut Down

Shocking news came from the famous game company Electronic Arts. No information about their latest game, this time it’s terrible news. EA announced Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile are shutting down.

The closure for Apex Legends Mobile will take place on May 1. Meanwhile, EA has not provided an exact date when the service for Battlefield Mobile will be discontinued.

EA’s Statement on the Closure of Apex Legends Mobile

Through its official website, EA revealed, “Despite Apex Mobile’s strong start, the ongoing experience will not meet the expectations of our players. After months of working with our development partners, we have made a mutual decision to discontinue this mobile game. Our love for the Apex universe and our players remains unchanged.

We look forward to exploring this universe, its characters, and its stories with you.”

Following that statement, EA CEO Andrew Wilson gave his thoughts on the future of Apex Legends on mobile. “We’ve learned big things [from Apex Legends Mobile] and have planned a reimagining of how to connect the Apex Mobile experience in the future.”

3 reasons for the closure of Apex Mobile

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Wilson gave 3 reasons why Apex Mobile was closed. The first is the complexity of Apex gameplay and teamplay. It was quite difficult to realize the mobile version. The second reason that makes this battle royale game closed is that the player segment is filled with players who are already familiar with Apex Legends. New players who usually want casual games find it difficult to adapt to the existing community.

The third reason Wilson gave was that the mobile market is very challenging. EA wanted to create a game that was interconnected within the franchise. Even though it’s not a cross-play system, the developer hopes that the game can become a solid community and provide an amazing gaming experience.

Battlefield mobile
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Wilson also said that this was the reason why Battlefield Mobile was also shut down.

Of course since we’re getting learnings from Apex Legends and we’re expanding it into Battlefield Mobile, we anticipate that even though Battlefield has also been in development for some time and making good progress, given the construction of the game, it will also probably lead to some of the same challenges.

And instead of challenging it further, we want to go back, take a breath, reset, and really think about a broader franchise strategy and allow leadership to build a cross-platform game around a redesigned Battlefield in the future.

Andrew Wilson, CEO Electronic Arts

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