Apple Hires Game Developers for AR/VR Plans

Recent reports reveal that Apple has hired several game developers to pursue their AR/VR plans.

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Apple Hires Game Developers for AR/VR Plans reports that two of Playdeo’s founders, Jack Schulze and Timo Arnall, are now employed by Apple.

Although Playdeo remains an active company according to Companies House, it is reported that they no longer employ any employees. The co-founder of these three studios, Nick Ludlam, doesn’t seem to have joined Apple yet. notes that Schulze and Arnall are now most likely working on a mixed-reality project at Apple. The report also noted that Apple had previously hired Avo design lead, Jonathan Topf, in 2019.

In 2021, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on its own high-end VR headset with plans to release it as early as 2022.

According to the report, which cited sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the Apple headset was codenamed “N301” and was in the final prototype stage in January 2021.

The device was described as an “expensive niche precursor” to more ambitious augmented reality (AR) glasses products that Apple is purportedly planning to launch in the coming years.

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