Did Atomic Heart Developer Leak Gamer Data to Russian Intelligence Agency?

As a Russian developer, Mundfish received much attention from gamers, especially when it released a privacy policy that allowed the developer to share gamer data with Russian state authorities, specifically the FSB.

Then, is it true that Atomic Heart developers leaked player data to the Russian intelligence agency? Let’s see the latest news from Gamedaim.

Was player data leaked to the Russian FSB?

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Atomic heart

For those of you who don’t know, Atomic Heart is a game that is reasonably similar to Bioshock. Atomic Heart is a game developed by Mundfish, a studio reportedly based in Cyprus but actually in Russia.

The studio is sponsored by Russian investors, including a former manager of Gazprom, the Russian oil and gas company. Seeing this, it is not surprising that Mundfish is accused of leaking player data to the FSB or Russian intelligence agency.

Furthermore, Mundfish through its Privacy Policy may share and collect all data relating to players as well as visitors to their official website. Interestingly, this Privacy Policy is only available in Russian and is not available in the English version.

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