Atomic Heart Developer Receives Harsh Criticism for Russia and Ukraine War

Atomic Heart, one of the games that will be released in February 2023, seems to have received harsh criticism from various circles. This cannot be separated from the fact that they take the concept of Bioshock where players fight as KGB agents in the future.

However, Atomic Heart’s developer Mundfish is from Russia. This makes many people uneasy considering that Russia is involved in a lot of crimes, one of which is the war with Ukraine.

Harsh Criticism for Atomic Heart Developer

Because of this, many people have asked Mundfish about the funding of the game. Will there be Russian censorship laws in the game or has the Russian government sponsored the project to promote the war?

In response, Mundfish stated that they will not comment on political and religious matters. This suggests that it is likely that Atomic Heart has nothing to do with the Russian and Ukrainian wars.

At the moment, developer Atomic Heart is receiving some harsh criticism for the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, they denied that the game has anything to do with it.

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