CS:GO becomes a news medium for the war between Ukraine and Russia

A Finnish newspaper is using CS:GO to deliver reports on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine directly to anyone playing the Steam game in Russia. Furthermore, CS:GO mapmaker Helsingin Sanomat has distributed “Independent Journalism” about the war in Ukraine.

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CS:GO as a News Media of Ukraine and Russia War

Csgo perang
Csgo perang

According to existing information, people in Russia currently have limited access to independent information about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Furthermore, Sanomat explained that they chose a news media such as CS:GO because it is considered not to violate the applicable rules.

Interestingly, they built a map of a war-ravaged Slavic city in the game. In addition, there is a secret room that gives Russian players uncensored access to the cruel war in Ukraine.

The map with the name “de vonya”, meaning war, can be found by Russian players. Of course, using CS:GO as a news media is very interesting. Because this does not violate the rules in the country.

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