La Mulana Director Wins Konami Contest to Revive Old IPs

Do you still remember this legendary game made by Nigoro studio? Yes, after a long absence, today there is special news about the children’s game La Mulana. Recently, fans were surprised by the news that La Mulana’s director won Konami’s contest to revive the old IP. What kind of project will they work on together? Let’s keep up with the latest gaming news below!

La Mulana was released back in 2006. This is a Side-Scrolling RPG game that carries the Metroidvania formula. Originally released as a Knightmare Spin-Off for the MSX computer platform in Japan in 1987, Konami brought The Maze of Galious to the Famicom later that same year. A side-scrolling role-playing game featuring two heroes with their own unique abilities, Popolon and Aphrodite, trying to fight their way out of a castle full of monsters.

La Mulana director wins Konami-made contest

In a report we received through IGN, Takumi Naramura as the director of the La Mulana franchise reportedly won the Konami Contest. In the competition, he was rewarded with a contract with Konami to revive their franchise. The first classic game they are currently targeting is a remake of The Maze of Galious.

Konami held the competition to give indie developers a new chance to show their skills in reviving some of Konami’s old titles. And Naramura won first place, as announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Unlike La Mulana, The Maze of Galious is a direct sequel to Knightmare, and in addition to being released on MSX, the game also received a special Japanese release on Famicom.

Ready to Bring Back Konami’s Old IP in Remake

In an interview with IGN, Naramura said that he didn’t think that The Maze of Galious would be on the developer’s original list of IP that could be remade. So La-Mulana developer reached out to his team to see how they could bring back this obscure classic series. However, he admits that the game may have limited appeal for experienced players.

We can only hope that The Maze of Galious can be better known by the latest generation of gamers. What’s more, The Maze of Galious. It is one of the most underrated RPG games since its era. So, what are your thoughts on this? Don’t forget to comment below.

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