DON’T NOD Announces Koira, Releasing in 2025

DON’T NOD has announced that Koira will release on PC in 2025.

This information was announced by DON’T NOD via their social media. If you are interested in DON’T NOD games, you can check out our other articles here.

Koira Description

You wake up far from the heart of the forest – from home. Somewhere in the distance, the sound of a puppy barking echoes through the trees. It sounds like it needs help. You rise to your feet…

Koira is a story about the friendship and protection of a newfound puppy. In this story, you will journey through a forest filled with music, solve ancient riddles, meet forest creatures, and try to find your way home. You will discover your untapped potential and learn about the importance of true friendship.

Some key features:

  • Rescuing a puppy.
  • Journey through the mysterious forest.
  • Solve the puzzle.

Koira will release on PC (Steam) in 2025.

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