Bloomberg: Eidos-Montréal Develops New Deus Ex Game

A new report from Bloomberg reveals that Eidos-Montréal is developing 3 new projects, of which one is a new Deus Ex game.

This information was first published by Jason Schreier (Bloomberg journalist) on Twitter. You can check out our other articles here if you’re interested in Eidos-Montréal’s games.

Bloomberg: Eidos-Montréal Develops New Deus Ex Game

Recently, Bloomberg reported the closure of Studio Onoma which was part of a cost-cutting initiative by Embracer Group.

The initiative also saw Eidos-Montréal cancel 2 internal projects, with one of them described as a Stranger Things-inspired “kids on bikes” game.

Jason Schreier, who reported the closure of Studio Onoma by Embracer Group, provided an unofficial update on Twitter about Eidos-Montréal’s latest project.

According to Schreier, Eidos-Montréal currently has 3 internal projects:

  • A new IP.
  • New Deus Ex game (still very early).
  • Partnership with Xbox Game Studios to develop Fable.

Pada bulan Agustus 2022, Jeff Grubb selaku jurnalis GamesBeat mengklaim bahwa dia mendengar kabar pembicaraan mengenai Eidos-Montréal yang ingin membawa kembali franchise Deus Ex lagi.

“We don’t know what to expect from the Embracer Group owned […] it’s early days, but the rumblings I’m hearing are that Eidos-Montréal wants to get into Deus Ex immediately,” Grubb said. “They wanted to go back there immediately, and they wanted to do what Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t.”

Grubb added that it’s still very early in the conversation, but he noted that Eidos-Montréal can’t talk like that under Square Enix. Now being in the Embracer Group, they can do what could not be done before.

At the time of the claim, Schreier could not confirm Grubb’s claim other than to say Eidos-Montréal was developing new IP. Now, it seems that Grubb’s claims have been confirmed by Schreier.

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