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Factorio is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

It’s been a long time coming, but today we have a new update from renowned indie developer Wube Software. As usual, today they brought special news about the development of their game Factorio. Thanks to the success on PC, the studio is finally ready to bring Factorio to Nintendo Switch in the near future. So, when is the official launch? Let’s follow the latest gaming news here.

Factorio is a Construction and Management Simulation game that first launched in 2016 (full release in 2020 via Steam). This game was originally only released for the PC platform exclusively. However, thanks to the growing interest of gamers to play Management games on consoles, the studio finally took the initiative to expand to new platforms.

Wube Software Set to Release Nintendo Switch Version of Factorio

In a report we received via the Gematsu, Wube Software as the developer of this game officially confirmed that Factorio is ready to head to Nintendo Switch. As you can see, the game will only be released on 28 September 2022. Along with the news, the studio did not forget to release a new Gameplay Trailer that focuses on the game mechanics.

Factorio invites you to become a space industrialist. In this game gamers are tasked with building various contraptions using a combination of intricate factory machinery in hand. Your main objective is to build a rocket and escape the planet you are stranded on. The process begins with processing natural resources and making basic machines to unlock increasingly complex combinations of machines.

Factorio Will Run Up to 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch

Factorio [Nintendo Direct 2022.9.13]

Wube explained that all content from the PC version will be available on Nintendo platforms. The game is promised to run up to 30fps and 60fps for an “average” play-through and the presence of Co-Op Multiplayer Mode (available locally or cross-platform online). In addition, the game also provides a save file transfer feature between platforms, which allows players to access game progress on one platform to another.

For those of you who can’t wait, the Switch version of Factorio has been promised to launch on 28 September 2022. Factorio is available on the PC platform via the Steam Store. As usual, Nintendo Switch users can purchase it digitally via the Nintendo Store page. Are you ready to get nostalgic again?

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