Showing Her Feet, Female Twitch Streamer was Banned

Recently, a female Twitch streamer named Jusketh found herself unable to live stream on Twitch. Reportedly, Jusketh’s live stream was considered “sexual content”.

According to Twitch, the scene where Jusketh shows off the soles of his feet is considered an indecent act. Because of this incident, Jusketh was banned by Twitch.

Why is she showing off the soles of her feet?

Based on information gathered from IGN, the incident occurred when Jusketh was streaming with Twitch Thailand. At that time, there were several challenges or challenges that had been spread on a wheel spin.

Well, Juskeht was challenged to show the soles of his feet and he agreed to do so. Because of this incident, Jusketh got banned for 3 days.

Twitch has strict rules

Streamer twitch
Streamer twitch

Basically, Twitch is known as one of the live-streaming platforms that have very strict rules. Anything obscene or indecent will immediately get banned without warning.

In Twitch’s community guidelines, they mention that fetish behaviors or activities such as focusing on specific body parts for sexual gratification and erotic gaming are prohibited by the platform.

So, it’s not surprising that Twitch banned Jusketh. Do you think this is true or not? Let’s write your opinion in the comments column.

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