Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date Announced, PS5 Exclusive for 3 Months

Square Enix announced the release date of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is February 29, 2024.

This information was announced by Square Enix through its State of Play – September 2023 event. If you are interested in games from Square Enix, you can check out our other articles & here.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date and Description

For years, Shinra Electric Power Company has been providing energy to the world at the expense of the flow of life, the “river” from which all life flows and to which it returns.

After storming the company headquarters and engaging in a series of battles spanning centuries, Cloud and his friends left Midgar and set out for the wider world. Once on the prairie, they boarded a Chocobo and began a journey with an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, Zack – who was battered from his fight against the army troops – hobbled across the desert towards Midgar with the mako-poisoned Cloud on his shoulders. Although he had managed to escape death for now, the ominous rift in the sky gave him little reason to rejoice.

However, that is not the only threat the world faces. The Shinra Resistance Committee, backed by the provisional government of Wutai, declares war on the company; figures shrouded in black robes carry Jenova’s corpse, a veritable otherworldly catastrophe; and the Weapons – fierce and monstrous guardians of the planet – have recently risen.

Amidst this chaos, Sephiroth had devised his plan, thus ensuring that various fates were intertwined and reborn.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will release on PS5 on February 29, 2024. The game will be exclusive to PS5 for 3 months before releasing to other platforms.

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