GameStop US is giving away Babylons Fall game for free?

The recent discussion about the famous company Square Enix continues. They share with us more bad news surrounding the development of their latest game Babylons Fall. After it is confirmed that the game will end Services in early 2023, fans have recently been surprised by GameStop, which is now giving awal the Babylons Fall game for free. Let’s follow the latest gaming news here.

Released on March 3, 2022, Babylons Fall is a Hack-n-Slash game made by the development studio behind the success of NieR Automata. This game offers an Action RPG format that brings a Co-Op MMO experience with its main focus on the Live-Service. Although it sounds interesting, fact this game actually reaped a negative response when it was released. The game only managed to get 1000 players since launch time.

GameStop Distributes Babylons Fall for Free to Customers

A week ago, Square Enix admitted to giving up and ready to turn off this game service on February 27, 2023. Although there is no specific reason, fans believe that the closure occurred due to the negative response and sales that did not reach the target. Because of their ineffectiveness, the well-known US retail game store, GameStop, did a warehouse cleaning by giving away Babylons Fall for free to visitors.

The information was first reported by the Twitter media account @videogamedeals, he announced that GameStop is trying to remove the old stock Babylons Fall game from storage. Some customers are also reported to have received a free copy of the game by their staff. Not a few also claim that the shop has run out of stock because it has already been destroyed.

Some GameStop Staff Ordered To Destroy Babylons Fall Game

Right, some GameStop staff were given orders to destroy copies of the game because the service will be shutting down early next year. Considering Babylons Fall itself is a Live-Service game, players only given approximately 5 months to play this game, until that it can no longer be accessed. Of course, you can still use the BD box for display in your closet.

For those of you who each insist on trying the game, then there is still a little time. Babylons Fall itself is already available via PC, PS4, and PS5 platforms. As usual, PC users can purchase the game through the Steam Store page. What do you think? I wonder what will happen to gamers who have already bought the game?

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