Genshin Impact v3.3 Will be Released on 7 December 2022

Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse today announced that Genshin Impact v3.3 “Senses Enlightened, All Forms Abolished” will be released on December 7. Although the main storyline in Sumeru has come to an end, a new event season and two powerful Characters, Wanderer and Faruzan, are ready to surprise players by presenting more exciting stories and challenges. In addition, players will soon be able to duel with NPCs, friends, and other players in Teyvat’s most popular card game-Genius Invocation TCG.

About Genshin Impact v3.3

Genshin impact v3. 3
Genshin impact v3. 3

After being defeated as a creator god in the Archon’s Quest storyline, The Balladeer, now known as “Wanderer”, chose to follow a different path under Nahida’s care. In the latest Archon’s Quest Chapter Interlude, “Reversal of Events”, players will uncover more interesting stories in Irminsul together with the Wanderer.

Wanderer will join as a playable 5★ Anemo Character and use Catalyst as his weapon. In addition, another character, Faruzan, will join as a 4★ Anemo Character with Bow as his weapon. Wanderer has the power to fly and attack in the air. Its power can be enhanced when it hits four other elements, Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro.

Faruzan is an ageless genius from Akademiya in the field of mechanics. When fighting, he uses a bow as his weapon and supports party members by granting Anemo DMG Bonus effects while lowering enemy Anemo RES. The returning Wanderer, Faruzan, and Arataki Itto will be available in the first part of the v3.3 Request Event. The returning Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato will be available in the second part of the Request Event.

New Permanent Event

Tcg genshin impact
Tcg genshin

As a card game, Genius Invocation TCG combines the excitement of Genshin Impact’s elemental combat system with strategizing that allows players and NPCs to duel using the cards in their hands. In a Genius Invocation TCG match, the winner must defeat all of the enemy’s Character Cards using their own Character Cards’ Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst.

Therefore, carefully switching character cards to trigger elemental reactions and using action cards to trigger buffs and other effects is crucial to developing a strategy for victory.

However, performing the above actions often requires a corresponding number of Elemental Dice as the cost, which makes the dice rolling stage an important part of each round. The more NPC card players that are defeated, the more cards and Dynamic Skins players can purchase from the Card Shop.

Regular Event

A variety of exciting events and challenges await in v3.3. The special limited event “Akitsu Kimodameshi” will challenge players and Arataki Itto to complete various special brick-smashing mini-games. Another special limited event “Traversing the Wilderness” provides a path to collect Wilderness Balloons for a limited time. In addition, the classic hide-and-seek game “Trail of the Wind” and the challenge event “Fog City” will return with new updates.

Released on December 7, Genshin Impact v3.3 will also come with Italian and Turkish in the in-game language settings. With cross-save support between platforms, players can enjoy their adventures on PlayStation®, PC, and mobile. The game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB on PS5, PS4, PC, and Google Play, and rated 12+ on iOS. For additional information and updates, please visit the official Genshin Impact website ( or follow @GenshinImpact on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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