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Hellena Taylor Acknowledges Bayonetta 3 VA Pay Report

Former Bayonetta voice actress Hellena Taylor has acknowledged a new Bloomberg report about the pay she was offered to return for Bayonetta 3.

This information was revealed by Taylor through his personal Twitter account. If you’re interested in the current state of the video game industry, you can check out our other articles here.

Hellena Taylor Acknowledges Bayonetta 3 VA Pay Report

Hellena Taylor has confirmed that PlatinumGames offered her more money for Bayonetta 3 than she previously stated. Taylor went on to explain that the original overall price for voicing the character of Bayonetta was 10,000 USD, with an additional 5,000 USD offered after he spoke with Hideki Kamiya.

“I thought as a creative,[Kamiya] he would understand,” Taylor wrote. “He replied by saying how much he appreciated my contribution to the game and how much the fans wanted me to voice the game.”

While confirming her original fee, Taylor also denied other parts of the Bloomberg report such as USD 4,000 for 5 sessions and her request for a 6-figure sum. “I’m a team player. I’m just asking for a fair and decent wage according to the value I bring to the game,” Taylor continues.

Taylor’s desire for more money, he continued, was a result of how much PlatinumGames paid him for the first 2 Bayonetta games. He was paid 3000 Euros in total for the original Bayonetta. For Bayonetta 2, he did not give an exact figure.

PlatinumGames Fully Supports Bayonetta 3’s VA Switch

Before Taylor’s statement became public, PlatinumGames had released a statement on Twitter about the issue. Jennifer Hale has been confirmed to be voicing Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3, replacing long-time voice actress Hellena Taylor.

We at PlatinumGames extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed to creating the Bayonetta franchise over the years, as well as the community that has been its foundation.

We give Jennifer Hale our full support as the new Bayonetta and stand by everything she said.

We ask people to refrain from further comments that are disrespectful to Jennifer or other contributors to the franchise.


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