The enemy AI in Hello Neighbor 2 will be more intelligent than in the previous games

Staying scary even though it’s not a Horror game is the hallmark of this game made by Dynamics Pixel. It’s been quite a while since it surfaced, and this time they finally returned with the special news we’ve been waiting for. As the title suggests, Hello Neighbor 2 will have smarter enemy AI than the previous game. So what will it be like? Let’s keep following our discussion.

Hello Neighbor is a First Person Thriller game with a concept similar to Horror games that we already know in general. But we will not deal with monsters or ghosts in this game. However, players will face a man named Mr. Peterson. As the name suggests, this man lives in a house full of mysteries. Many children try to enter the house to find out the mystery he is hiding.

Hello Neighbor 2’s Enemy AI Technology Will Be Smarter

Telling a different story from the first series, Hello Neighbor 2 will tell the story of a journalist who wants to enter Mr. Peterson’s house. The journalist also wants to know what mysteries he has been hiding. Not to mention, many city residents have now disappeared without a trace during the events of the first game. The journalist wants to know whether Mr. Peterson kidnapped the townspeople or not.

Through the news that we get through Guerrilla Collective and Dynamics Pixel’s Live Streaming video, they explained that Hello Neighbor 2 will have smarter AI. Mr. Peterson who plays the role of Villain in this game will have a technology called Neural Network AI.

This allows Mr. Peterson to learn actions and read player traces during the game process. Not driven by patterns, this technology will be able to learn for itself which rooms it has visited. Meanwhile, he can also find out the traps that players plant around the house.

No Information on the Release Date

With this new AI technology, players will experience experiences like fighting real humans. Of course, this news received a positive response from gamers who are looking forward to the second series of the game.

So far, Dynamics Pixel still hasn’t shown any information about the game. We also don’t know the exact release date for the Hello Neighbor 2 game. So far, the studio has only announced the release platform on PC.

There is also no certainty about whether the console platform will also get it or not. So for now we still have to be patient to wait for further information from them.

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