Breaking Records! Hu Tao and Yelan’s Banners Are the Bestsellers in Genshin Impact

After successfully getting her first re-run in Genshin Impact, Yelan became the best-selling character along with Hu Tao. These two characters beat out Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato.

Furthermore, Hu Tao and Yelan’s own banner also managed to break the record for the most revenue at Genshin Impact. So, what are the details? Let’s take a look at the following review from Gamedaim.

Hu Tao and Yelan’s Banner is the Bestseller

Teaser yelan
Teaser yelan

Based on data compiled from GenshinLab, Hu Tao and Yelan’s banners managed to become bestsellers at Genshin Impact. In total, they collected revenue worth $46,545,794 or around IDR702 billion.

This number beats the Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato banner which earned $37,919,130. However, in general, Kamisato Ayaka remains the best-selling character by collecting $35,939,006 when first released alone.

Of course, Hu Tao and Yelan themselves are characters that are the target of many players. Because these two characters are very strong in their respective positions. Hu Tao is able to act as the best Single Target DPS and Yelan has the most stunning sub-DPS position after Xingqiu and Xiangling.

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