Modern Warfare III Weapon Leaks, There are New Ones!

We’re getting closer and closer to the announcement of Modern Warfare III, so of course, this means that leaked information will spread quickly. In the most recent news to come out of the Call of Duty world, the initial weapon list for Modern Warfare III was revealed, so you can see all the MWIII weapons that will be available when the game is released.

Well, for some people this is a normal thing. But for others, there are some unique weapons that are rarely seen in the game. In the data-driven content, MWIII weapons are described by their real names. But you know for sure that when the game is released, they will have names from the universe like “Lachmann” and “TAQ”.

Modern Warfare III Weapon Leak

So, here are the weapons that will reportedly appear in Modern Warfare III when the game is released – which according to the info we got from Reddit:

Assault Rifles

  • jup_ar_acharlie = Bushmaster ACR in 5.56
  • jup_ar_acharlie300 = Bushmaster ACR in .300 Blackout
  • jup_ar_golf36 = Heckler & Koch G36
  • jup_ar_bromeo2m = CZ BREN 2 Ms in 7.62×39
  • jup_ar_bromeo805 = CZ 805 BREN in 5.56
  • jup_ar_foxtrot2000 = FN F2000
  • jup_ar_qbravo95 = QBZ-95 in 5.8×42
  • jup_ar_qbravo97 = QBZ 97 NSR Gen 3 in 5.56

Battle Rifles

  • jup_br_acharlie450 = Bushmaster ACR in .450 Bushmaster
  • jup_br_bromeo2 = CZ BREN 2 BR in 7.62×51
  • jup_br_xmike5 = MCX Spear (XM7)

Marksman Rifles

  • jup_dm_acharlied = ACR DMR in 5.56
  • jup_dm_bromeop = CZ BREN 2 PPS
  • jup_dm_slima8 = Heckler & Koch SL8
  • jup_dm_svictork = Kalashnikov SVK

Machine Guns

  • jup_lm_evictor = FN EVOLYS
  • jup_lm_mgolf36 = Heckler & Koch MG36
  • jup_lm_pkilob = Bullpup PKP Pecheneg
  • jup_lm_pkilop = PKP Pecheneg
  • jup_lm_qbravo95lsw = QJB-95 LSW


  • jup_pi_glima21 = Glock 21
  • jup_pi_mike93 = Beretta 93R
  • jup_pi_rsierra12 = RSh-12
  • jup_pi_uzulum = Micro Uzi


  • jup_sh_pump = Unknown
  • jup_sh_semi = Unknown

Sub-Machine Guns

  • jup_sm_coscar635 = Colt Model 635
  • jup_sm_lwhiskey = LWRC SMG-45
  • jup_sm_scharlie3 = CZ SCORPION EVO 3
  • jup_sm_umike = Heckler & Koch UMP
  • jup_sm_uzulu = Uzi
  • jup_sm_uzulup = Uzi Pro

Sniper Rifles

  • jup_sn_hsierra = Steyr HS .50 M1
  • jup_sn_svictor = SVCh


  • jup_eq_butterfly_mine = PFM-1 mine

So, the collection of weapons is really cool and as you said before, their origins are quite diverse. There are some weapons that have never appeared before in the Call of Duty franchise. Then there are also some weapons of Russian origin, which is kind of an homage to the Makarov in Modern Warfare III.

This is not an exhaustive list and we all believe there will be new weapons appearing as we get closer to the release date of this year’s Call of Duty game. What do you think about some of these leaked weapons? Are there any that you’re interested in?

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