Winning the Vote, Moskov Will Get a Revamp from Moonton

Winning the vote, Moskov will get a revamp from Moonton. The Reforge Your Legend event has officially ended with Moskov getting the most votes.

Reforge Your Legend itself is an event where Mobile Legends players can vote for heroes who will get a revamp.

In this case, since Moskov got the most votes, he will get a revamp from Moonton.

What will be revamped?

We know that Moskov is now pretty balanced and still good to use in the current meta.

But with the revamp, many are wondering which parts will get the revamp.

Well answering that, it seems that Moskov will get a revamp from Moonton on the model part, just like Faramis who was also the winner of Reforge Your Legend before.

In his history with Khaleed, Moskov is told that he is a prince of the Wildsand clan. But eventually, he decided to go to the Abyss after being defeated by Khufra.

It is likely that Moskov will probably undergo major changes to his appearance as a prince according to the story.

Apart from that, there is also another Marksman hero that will also get a revamp, the hero is Hanabi. This hero will also get a model update where the whole is changed and becomes more beautiful.

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