Rumor: NCSOFT Developing MMORPG Horizon

New reports have revealed that NCSOFT is developing the Horizon MMORPG project.

This information was first published by MTN (via VGC). If you’re interested in Guerrilla Games and NCSoft’s games, you can check out our other articles here.

NCSOFT Developing MMORPG Horizon?

MTN reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCSOFT have reached an agreement to create the MMORPG Horizon. The project will target the global market as part of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s push into live service games.

According to MTN, NCSOFT is currently recruiting developers to work on a title said to be listed as “Project H” in their job advertisement.

A statement from NCSOFT’s global communications office reportedly read:

It is difficult to confirm information about unpublished projects that are currently under development.


In September 2021, VGC reported that Guerrilla Games was preparing an online game based on an emerging job vacancy.

The posting notes that Guerrilla Games is looking for individuals with “extensive knowledge of story and narrative design in open-world RPGs, online games, and MMORPGs” to create “mission, quest writing, and narrative design”.

VGC noted that Guerrilla Games had long planned to expand the Horizon franchise into a multiplayer game.

VGC sources say that Guerrilla Games’ co-op game was originally going to be present for Horizon Zero Dawn, but eventually, the plan was scrapped so that they could focus on other areas of the title.

The latest information VGC obtained was that Sony Interactive Entertainment had been interested in incorporating co-op features into Horizon Forbidden West, but Guerrilla Games decided to save the feature for a future project.

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