Ashfall, a post-apocalyptic MMO shooter from NetEase

A new surprise is coming from iconic gaming company NetEase. After a long period of no news, today they announced an exciting project that is no less cool than before. That’s right, recently NetEase has just announced a new game called Ashfall. So, what kind of games did they announce? Let’s follow the latest gaming news here.

The year 2022 is a big year for the MMO genre. Because there are already a lot of games that carry this formula released to the Mobile market. As if not satisfied with its many mobile game projects, NetEase decided to make another new MMO game together with Legendary Star Studio.

NetEase Introduces New MMO Shooter Game Ashfall

In a report we received via the Gematsu media site, Legendary Star the developer of this game has just officially introduced us to Ashfall. As you can see, the game looks stunning with its Post-Apocalyptic world design. Different from the usual MMOs that carry RPGs, this game comes with The Division-style Looter-Shooter concept. In this game you will use fire weapons instead of swords and arrows.

Players are given the freedom to modify weapons at will. Here you are also required to use Environment to defeat the mutants scattered in the game world. In order to offer the maximum experience, NetEase also invited an important figure in the development of the game. This includes Inon Zur who is the composer behind the Fallout games. He was also accompanied by Hans Zimmer, the music maker of Dune and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bring Post-Apocalyptic and Looter-Shooter Formula

Ashfall - Official World Premiere Trailer

Ashfall tells the story of how humans survive after a conflict with an AI that causes a nuclear war. Players will take on the role of a wastelander who has the task of surviving and forming a new colony of life on earth. You’ll be tasked with cleaning up various areas of the Wasland that are now inhabited by mutants and the rest of the roaming AI. You are also invited to search for lost resources.

For those of you who can’t wait, Ashfall itself will be released in 2023 through the PC, IOS, and Android platforms. As always, mobile users will be able to access the game on a Free-to-Play basis through the AppStore and Google PlayStore pages. Are you interested in playing this unique MMO game? Don’t forget to write your comments below.


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