IO Interactive: New Hitman Game Not Coming Soon

IO Interactive has said that a new Hitman game is not coming anytime soon.

This information was said by Christian Elverdam during an interview with Eurogamer. If you are interested in the game by IO Interactive, you can check out our other articles here.

IO Interactive: New Hitman Game Not Coming Soon

Speaking with Eurogamer, Christian Elverdam said that fans can expect further experimentation with what HITMAN World of Assassination can offer before IO Interactive finally starts working on a new game from the Hitman franchise.

We have an amazing platform where we can continue to experiment with what this formula can do and what people expect from it.

Then at some point, of course, as a creative, it would be nice to go in and say, ‘Okay, well, with all that we’ve learned, what would it look like if we had to re-articulate the sandbox – what would it look like?

Right now, the big, major new Hitman game: is on hiatus, as we’re working on another agent fantasy that’s also taking up a lot of our time. But clearly, we’ll be returning to our beloved Agent 47. He still means a lot to this company.

Christian Elverdam, Chief Creative Officer and Co-owner at IO Interactive

In November 2020, IO Interactive announced that it was working on an officially licensed James Bond game. Titled Project 007, the game will feature the original story of James Bond.

In February 2023, IO Interactive also announced that they were working on an online fantasy RPG called Project Fantasy. Like the Hitman franchise and the James Bond project, the game is being developed across their studios in Copenhagen, Malmö and Barcelona.

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