Dataminer Makes P.T. Playable on PS5

A dataminer named Lance McDonald has reportedly made P.T. playable on PS5.

This information was revealed by Lance McDonald on Twitter. If you’re interested in games from Konami, you can check out our other articles here.

Dataminer Makes P.T. Playable on PS5

Lance McDonald reports that he has managed to get P.T. playable on an un-jailbroken PS5 via a hacked PS4 emulator.

In short, McDonald’s needs an original copy of P.T., an active PSN account on PS5 (jailbroken version), and a normal, updated PS5. The emulator is then transferred from one console to another.

McDonald has shared a video of his exploits on Twitter, commenting, “Eat shit, Konami!” This is certainly an achievement for the Silent Hill community, considering P.T. was a demo of the Silent Hill game that Hideo Kojima didn’t make.

In early October 2022, McDonald also announced that he had successfully jailbroken the PS5. A few days ago, Konami announced the live stream of Silent Hill Transmission starting on October 20, 2022.

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