Paw Rumble Officially Opens Open Beta Stage

Nuon Digital Indonesia (Nuon Games) and Developer-Grinsmile Studio officially announced the launch of the Paw Rumble game open beta for one month.

Paw Rumble is a Casual Arcade game with a pixel art style that has been available on the Android (Playstore) platform for the Southeast Asia region on March 28, 2023.

For players who provide feedback during the open beta period, they will get the Legendary tier skin “Phoenix Chipper”, which will be given when the player logs back in with the same account during the full release of the Paw Rumble game.

Fast and Intuitive Gameplay

The game Paw Rumble is certainly a game that gamers should try to play, considering that the game will present some interesting features by presenting three game modes namely: Overgreed, Bomb, and Letter.

Overgreed Mode allows players to survive as much as possible while collecting trophies, while Bomb Mode tests players’ skills in placing bombs and avoiding explosions. And lastly Letter Mode asks players to collect letters to form a given word with limited time.

In the game, there are several main characters that gamers can use such as Chipper (Chicken), Beruskhya/Beru (Bear), Nekomon (Cat), Ducko (Duck), Carpy (Fish), and Poggu (Pig) designed very attractive and adorable.

Paw Rumble offers a fun and challenging gaming experience for fans of casual arcade games in the Southeast Asia region. Players will enjoy beautiful graphics and fast, intuitive gameplay.

Paw Rumble will be officially launched in the Southeast Asia region in 2023. Grinsmile Studio claims that it will continue to develop and update Paw Rumble to offer an even better gaming experience.

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