PS5 Can be Damaged by Being Positioned Vertically, is It True?

Since its release in 2020, the PS5 has become one of the best-selling consoles on the market. However, recently concerns have been raised about whether the PS5 will be safe if it is positioned vertically. This news comes after several videos and articles that appeared on the internet.

Then, is it true that the PS5 will be damaged if it is positioned vertically? Let’s see the following review from Gamedaim. Don’t forget to share the information with your colleagues too.

Is it true that the PS5 will be damaged if positioned vertically?

Ps5 vertikal
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Based on an article from Wololo and a video from The Cod3r, they say that setting up the PS5 vertically could jeopardize the console. However, The Cod3r’s video mentions that the potential for the PS5 to fail could indeed be very real.

In a video released back in September 2022 titled “You Won’t Believe WHY This PlayStation 5 Stopped Working! Can I Fix Sony’s Catastrophic Mistakes?“, he found a rather alarming problem in the PS5. The vertical position of the PS5 basically violates the original design of the console, specifically in the processor cooling material and heatsink.

For your information, the PS5 uses liquid metal material for thermal paste, a medium similar to PCs and laptops. Its function is to support the cooling system by conducting the heat generated when the console works.

Launching, they claim that the liquid metal material attached to the APU PS5 chipset and heatsink is installed in a horizontal position. When the PS5 console is in a vertical position, it is likely that the material will fall and hit other components.

This condition will be very dangerous because it can cause a short circuit inside the component and make the temperature of the chipset hotter considering the temperature transmission system is not running well.

Is it Safe for Now?


In short, positioning the PS5 vertically, for now, is the safe course of action. The PlayStation 5 is essentially designed to stand vertically. Wololo and TheCod3r’s discovery does not indicate that the console is inherently prone to failure.

What TheCod3r documented is one of the ways in which the PS5 can be damaged. Moreover, this 2-year-old device shows that the PS5 is very successful and doesn’t have any standard failures, especially in the heat department.

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