Returnal PC Release Date Announced

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Housemarque have announced the release date for the PC version of Returnal, which is February 15, 2023.

This information was announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment through its social media. You can check out our other articles here if you’re interested in new games.

Returnal PC Release Date and Description

Break the cycle as this third-person shooter brings bullet-riddled action to PC. Selene’s adventurous odyssey comes with a series of graphical enhancements and stunning performance to ensure an unforgettable journey.

After crash landing in this shape-shifting world, Selene must search the barren landscape of an ancient civilization to escape. Isolated and alone, she finds herself fighting desperately to survive. Time and again, she is defeated-forced to restart her journey each time she dies.

With its fast and relentless gameplay, you’ll notice that the planets change with each cycle, as do the items at your disposal. Each round offers new combinations that will let you push your limits and approach the combat with a different strategy each time.

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Source: Housemarque / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Brought to life with stunning visual effects, the dark beauty of the decaying world around you is full of explosive surprises. From high stakes, and bullet-riddled combat, to jaw-dropping twists and turns in stark, contrasting environments. You’ll explore, discover, and fight through an unforgiving journey, where mystery lurks every step of the way.

Designed for extreme replayability, Returnal’s procedural world invites you to bounce back from defeat and face new challenges that evolve with each rebirth.

Returnal will be released on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) on February 15, 2023. The game is already available on PS5.

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