Attacked by Hackers, Riot Games Doesn’t Want To Pay Ransom

Recently, Riot Games announced that they had been hacked and had some of the source code from the League of Legends game has stolen last week. In addition, the hackers also managed to take source code from another game, TeamFight Tactics (TFT), and also the computer code for the old Anticheat platform.

Knowing this, Riot Games chose not to fulfill the hackers’ desire for Riot to pay their ransom. Then, what are the details like? Let’s see the following review from Gamedaim.

Riot Games Will Not Pay Ransom

Based on available information, the hackers sent a ransom email to Riot Games on the day they hacked it. The perpetrators requested payment to keep the stolen source code, but Riot Games refused to pay the ransom.

As a result, hackers are likely to leak or sell the stolen source code to the highest bidder. However, League of Legends and TFT are already well-known games. Not only that, copyright protection also prevents other game studios from stealing a game’s assets. This makes it unlikely that anyone will buy the source code.

According to Riot Games, the real threat from this incident is that hackers can exploit game mechanics thanks to the source code they managed to steal.

To be honest, any source code can make new cheats appear. Since the attack, we’ve been working hard to anticipate the worst.

Riot Games

So far, Riot Games has only said that the hackers managed to infiltrate the company’s systems through social engineering attacks. This allowed the hackers to trick the company’s employees into giving up passwords or installing malware onto their computers.

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