Bloober Team: Silent Hill 2 Remake Will Be Faithful to the Original Story

Bloober Team has confirmed that Silent Hill 2 Remake will stick to the original story.

This information was revealed by Anna Jasińska to Dread XP. If you’re interested in Bloober Team and Konami games, you can check out our other articles here.

Bloober Team: Silent Hill 2 Remake Will Be Faithful to the Original Story

Speaking with Dread XP, Anna Jasińska said that Bloober Team had beaten “many other studios” to this “dream” project, a result that she said left them feeling both elated and apprehensive.

In 2019, Bloober Team was invited by Konami to participate in the Tokyo Game Show, where they asked the studio to prepare a concept for the Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Of course, we weren’t the only contenders. Many other studios were vying to work together as well, but in the end, our concept was the one that stole Konami’s heart. They recognized our commitment and passion for horror games and that alone was a huge difference for us.

Our studio was very surprised when we received this exciting information, as many Bloober Team employees are big fans of this title.

As for concerns, yes, the pressure is high because we’re dealing with one of the best psychological horror games ever made. We want to stay close to the original and we’ll keep it in the spotlight for years to come.

Anna Jasińska, Chief Marketing Officer of Bloober Team

Jasińska added that Bloober Team modernizes the game when necessary, but takes a “very safe approach” to any changes it makes.

We’re focused on bringing back a distinct and immersive atmosphere in a modernized Silent Hill 2. Longtime fans don’t have to worry about us ‘missing the point’ as we bring the title to life.

We faithfully stick to the traditional story canon while remaking the gameplay and updating the graphics from the ground up. This is the reason why Konami entrusted the remake to us in the first place.

Anna Jasińska, Chief Marketing Officer of Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 Remake will release on PS5 and PC (Steam), but the game doesn’t have an exact release date yet.

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