Street Fighter 6 Tournament Becomes Chaos, Chun-Li Appears Naked!

The Street Fighter 6 tournament got weird last Monday. In the first round between Chun-Li and Kimberly, Chun-Li appeared naked on the screen. You can see the video below, which is not allowed to be shown. And it shows Chun-Li without a shirt because of the mod that wasn’t removed before the tournament started.

“Uh, that’s a very interesting Chun-Li costume,” said the caster when the match started.

His comment was followed by awkward laughter and attempts to jokingly say that it was a “nude costume” that had just been “released”. They also said that it was an “18+ game as you can see” while they tried to remove the mod and restart the game.

Chun-Li is naked, won’t he get banned?

Because the mod wasn’t turned off, streamer Corner2Corner could have been banned on Twitch for this mistake. As of now, nothing has happened to the channel. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.

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