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Take-Two Interactive starts DMCA on GTA VI leaked video

During this week, Rockstar Games has become a hot topic among cross-platform gamers. The topic comes from the leak of 90 GTA VI gameplay videos, which are said to be the Early-Build of the game. Shortly after the leak spread to various platforms, Take-Two Interactive began to launch DMCA action against the GTA VI leaked video. What is the reason? Let’s keep up with the latest gaming news.

A leaker named Teapotuberhacker has reportedly managed to post over 90 GTA VI gameplay videos on the GTAForum page (Opens in a new tab). He claims that this 3GB leak was taken by him through a hacking operation. There are a lot of surprising details including the playable female character and the city setting of Vice City. Although the leaks looked promising, many are calling that “fake.”

Just a day, Take-Two Interactive initiates DMCA for the GTA VI video that surfaced on the Internet

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Take-two interactive starts dmca on gta vi leaked video 3

In just 24 hours, this leak began to spread to various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other gaming forums. Even though it’s too late, Take-Two Interactive still insists on issuing DMCA warnings to the rogue parties who shared it. That’s a clear indication that the leaked video is real. Take-Two wouldn’t have bothered to issue a warning if the leaked video was fake.

Jason Schreier, a media analyst for Bloomberg, claims to have received direct confirmation from Rockstar Games. Sure enough, he admitted that the leak was indeed an early build of GTA VI development. He said “There are several reasons why this is Rockstar’s nightmare. One is that it will disrupt their work temporarily. And it also causes management to limit work-from-home flexibility.”

GTA VI Leaked Video Called “Original” By Rockstar Games Insider

As you might expect, Rockstar Games and Take-Two are still hesitant to officially confirm that this is the original GTA VI leak. The bad news is that the hacker Teapotuberhacker just threatened Rockstar Games that he might leak more data in the future.” He also intends to publicly release the source code containing the assets and test builds of the old GTA V and GTA VI games.

In response to the GTA VI leak on Sunday, TLOU II creative director Neil Druckmann posted a message saying, “To my fellow developers out there affected by the recent leak, know that while it feels like a huge hassle, it will pass. One day we’ll play your games, appreciate your expertise, and this leaked incident will be relegated to a Wikipedia page footnote. Keep fighting. Keep working.”

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