Take-Two Removes Mod that Made NPC Dialogues in GTA V Run Quickly

If you thought the acquisition of Rockstar Games over Grand Theft Auto V creator group made the modding world in GTA V more open, then that is a very wrong perception.

The reason is, Take-Two has just removed a mod that allows users to make dialog with NPCs run quickly. Then, what are the details like? Let’s see the review from Gamedaim below.

The Mod that Made NPC Dialogues in GTA V Faster Has Now Been Removed

Based on information available, Take-Two has removed a mod created by Sentient Streets, a modder group that managed to create an AI technology to generate NPC dialog faster.

Previously, Sentient Streets is one of the modders that has been covered by several major sites such as IGN and Eurogamer. They explained that APs and NPCs whose dialog is generated by a tool called Inworld Character Engine.

For your information, Rockstar has a very long history of fighting mods and third-party stuff. They have sent out numerous DMCs and filed lawsuits against modders.

Sure, it’s surprising that Rockstar recently acquired, the modder team behind FiveM and RedM.

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