Alex Seropian: Battlefield 2042 failure leads to the cancellation of Battlefield Mobile

Co-founder at Industrial Toys, Alex Seropian, recently said that the failure of Battlefield 2042 played a role in the cancellation of Battlefield Mobile and also the closure of the studio.

Seropian revealed this information during an interview with If you are interested in games from Electronic Arts (EA), you can check out our other articles here.

Battlefield 2042 failure leads to the cancellation of Battlefield Mobile

Speaking with, Alex Seropian revealed that the negative response to Battlefield 2042 made EA stop and rethink its plans for the franchise.

In January 2023 along with Apex Legends Mobile, Battlefield Mobile was officially canceled and Industrial Toys was also shut down.

In the beginning, all the winds in the universe were in SS Battlefield Mobile‘s favor: the [shooter] genre was growing, it was a great IP, we had a great team – all this was great.

In the last year, there were a few things that happened. Battlefield 2042 launched and the community reaction to 2042 was not good. That made us do a lot of introspection.

Apple also changed the IDFA rules and the result was that user acquisition became more expensive. So organic eroded with the release of 2042 and paid distribution became much more expensive due to IDFA rules.

Then Apex came out and I don’t know if EA has talked about why they canceled it, whether for economic reasons or whatever, but without me saying, you can fill in the blanks, I guess.

Alex Seropian

Seropian went on to claim that although the beta version of Battlefield Mobile did well in his eyes, EA was unwilling to commit the extra resources needed to see the game through to global launch and beyond.

We had a soft launch that went well, but it was like, okay – to get to the finish line, we’re going to need this much time and money to get to the global level.

I think there’s also a trend now for big mobile games and big IPs to take a franchise approach – think of mobile as another platform for the franchise, there’s one big release and everything is consistent across all these platforms.

Our approach is the opposite, it’s a bespoke experience for mobile, because the way people use these devices and play and everything is different.

So all those things combined and I think that’s why you get those results. Nobody wants that, but you know, the world changes, and people react.

Alex Seropian

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