The Day Before Showcases 10 Minutes of Extremely Disappointing Gameplay

A few hours ago, The Day Before finally released their first gameplay. However, the gameplay with a duration of 10 minutes actually reaped a lot of disappointment from fans.

This cannot be separated from the footage they offered before in contrast to the gameplay released a few hams ago. Of course, this makes The Day Before get low ratings from fans.

The Day Before Gameplay Disappointed

The gameplay itself opens with a long scene that tracks a woman wandering through the city. The woman enters a building and starts using a table and showing off the weapon customization in the game.

Broadly speaking, the gameplay offered by The Day Before is not promising. In fact, fans consider that what is shown in the video is a clown show.

This is the most boring game I’ve ever seen in my entire life. You guys want to make me buy the game? Not likely.

The Day Before previously made such a great impression when the demo video they released in 2021 and made this game one of the most anticipated. However, this controversy has made the game not as popular as it once was.

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