Total Primogem Genshin Impact v3.4, How many times can you gacha?

Towards the end of Genshin Impact v3.3, some information regarding the number of Primogems in Genshin Impact v3.4 has been circulating. Furthermore, it is reported that the Primogems that Traveler can get in the upcoming version will be very large.

The reason is, in this version HoYoverse presents Lantern Rite content which is one of the contents with the highest number of Primogems in Genshin Impact. So, how much is the total Primogem in this upcoming version? Let’s see the following review from Gamedaim.

Total Primogem Genshin Impact v3.4

Gen hin impact v3. 4
Primogem genshin impact v3. 4

Referring to existing information, Lantern Rite content in Genshin Impact v3.4 produces a lot of Primogems. From the available data, Travelers can get up to 8330 Primogems for F2P. Meanwhile, those who use Welkin and Battle Pass can get even more Primogems.

For clarity, here are the details:

  • Daily Commision – 2520 Primogem
  • 3.4 Update Compensation – 600 Primogem
  • Character Trial – 80 Primogem
  • Spiral Abyss – 1800 Primogem
  • Paimon Bargain – 5 IF + 5 IF
  • 3.5 Livestream Code – 300 Primogem
  • HoYolab Chek-cin – 60 Primogem
  • May Fortune Find You – 10 Primogem
  • Lantern Rite – 1000 Primogem
  • Second Blooming – 420 Primogem
  • Marriors Spirit – 420 Primogem
  • Onikabuto Battle Event – 420 Primogem
  • Alhaitham Story Quest – 60 Primogem
  • New Region Exploration – 1000 Primogem
  • New Achievement – 250 Primogem
  • Three of Dreams lv 30-40 – 4 AF + 2 IF
  • Battle Pass – 5 AF

In total, there are 8330 Primogems for F2P, 17 Interwind Fate, and 14 Acquaint Fate. Meanwhile, Welkin users can get 1210 Primogems, 17 Interwind Fate, and 14 Acquaint Fate. Finally, Battle Pass and Welkin users can get 12790 Primogems, 21 Intertwined Fate and 14 Acquaint Fate.

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