Wanted by HoYoverse, This Leaker Chooses to Stop Sharing Leaks About Genshin Impact

As one of the famous leakers among Genshin Impact fans, Ubatcha is certainly a target of the developer. Most recently, Ubatcha announced that he would stop sharing leaks about content in Genshin Impact.

He made this decision after HoYoverse, the developer of Genshin Impact, took action to track him down. Then, what are the details about this? Let’s see the following review from Gamedaim.

UBatcha Chooses to Quit Being a Leaker

In a statement on Twitter, he deleted all of his tweets. Abacha also explained that although he has not been contacted directly by HoYoverse or Discord, he chose to stop sharing leaks about the content in Genshin Impact.

I don’t know why only Ubatcha’s account was targeted, when there are many accounts involved. Apparently, the developers chose to go after the leaker with the highest number of followers.

Furthermore, Ubatcha also stressed that the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor (WFP) Discord server, which is chaired by himself, said that he had not received any notification regarding the removal of his channel. Even so, WFP has closed some sections on its channel in response to Cognosphere’s subpoena.

UBatcha explained that his decision to delete all of his social media was due to the developer’s Leaker Hunt Decree. He mentioned that leakers would appear and disappear.

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