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Wordless Release Date Announced

Thunderful Games, Coatsink, and Noname Studios have announced the release date of Worldless, which is October 4, 2023.

This information was announced by Thunderful Games via their social media. If you are interested in new games, you can check out our other articles here.

Wordless Description and Release Date

Set in an abstract and atmospheric world, Worldless is an adventure platformer featuring a turn-based action combat system that requires strategy and timing to succeed.

The intricate skill trees add a new dimension to combat, opening up new avenues for you to explore and uncover the game’s many secrets, and reflect the game’s theme of growth and understanding.

Worldless is set in a time when the rules of existence are still undefined. In this abstract setting, players will encounter entities with opposing goals. One side fixates on the virtues of their nature, the other side seeks to exchange it for their death.

This inevitably drives them into conflict as they battle to achieve transcendence and you will find yourself involved in that fight.

Bask in an atmospheric and unforgettable atmosphere with beautiful music that inspires, and connects you to the deeper meaning of Worldless.

Explore intricate areas full of secrets, using finesse and fluid action to uncover them as you absorb enemies and upgrade complex skill trees that constantly open up new possibilities.

Worldless akan rilis di PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, dan PC (Steam) pada 4 Oktober 2023.

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