Phil Spencer: Xbox will exist even if Activision Blizzard acquisition is blocked

Phil Spencer has said that Xbox will still exist despite Activision Blizzard’s acquisition being blocked by regulators.

This information was revealed by Spencer during an interview with The Times (via VGC). If you’re interested in the state of the video game industry, you can check out our other articles here.

Phil Spencer: Xbox will exist even if the Activision Blizzard acquisition is blocked

Speaking with The Times, Phil Spencer was asked what would happen to Xbox if Activision Blizzard’s acquisition was blocked by regulators. Spencer replied that the gaming business is not dependent on its completion.

This is an important acquisition for us. It’s not something that’s important for the long term – Xbox would still exist if this deal hadn’t happened.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming

Spencer also said that he is confused as to why regulators are ostensibly protecting Sony Interactive Entertainment, which Microsoft claims have a 70% market share of the console business.

Competition is us trying to be stronger. I don’t have a good reason for… how better competition in consoles can hurt consumers.

Because for me, having us, Sony, and Nintendo succeed in the console market – we all have strengths and uniqueness and content and capabilities – gives consumers more choice.

I don’t want to see consoles become like cell phones where there are only two manufacturers. Right now, we have three good competitors.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming

In addition to the regulatory issues surrounding competition in the console market, the potential impact on the cloud gaming market is also being discussed. Given the complexity of the investigation, Spencer revealed that he sympathizes with the regulators.

Most of the time in my career at Xbox because I’ve met with government regulators, there was very little knowledge of the gaming industry.

I really appreciate spending time with them and in some specific cases helping to educate them. I think for many regulators, it’s the first time they’ve seen the industry.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming

Do industry watchers predict Microsoft will sell Xbox if the acquisition fails?

Https://twitter. Com/andyplaytonic/status/1630235206450831360
Sumber: Andy Robinson (via Twitter) / Gamedaim

Despite Spencer’s comments, industry watchers are said to believe that Microsoft may sell Xbox if the Activision Blizzard acquisition fails.

VCC owner and editor, Andy Robinson, said on Twitter:

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