XDEV New IP Trailer Leaked, RPG With Kaiju?

New reports have revealed that footage of a new IP from XDEV has leaked to the public, where the project is a sci-fi RPG that uses Unreal Engine 5.

This information was published in the IconEra forums. If you’re interested in new games, you can check out our other articles here.

XDEV New IP Trailer Leaked, RPG With Kaiju?

A member of the IconEra forums has submitted footage claimed to be from PlayStation’s unannounced new IP. The footage shows a character walking towards a balcony while a large Kaiju-like creature climbs up the side of a building.

Menurut orang yang membocorkan cuplikan tersebut, IP tersebut berasal dari first-person shooter sci-fi RPG yang sedang dikembangkan oleh XDEV beserta salah satu studio eksternal di Eropa dengan Unreal Engine 5.

On the ResetEra forums, DuskGolem claimed that he had seen “even more game footage” and that the footage was from an older build. He added that this was the “Ooze” project he had teased back in October 2022.

People Can Fly is the Developer?

Cuplikan ip baru xdev bocor
Source: ResetEra

Interestingly, someone found a clue that might reveal the developer who developed the IP. You can see the clue when you see the word “RED” in the leaked footage.

If we look at People Can Fly’s quarterly presentation, they mentioned a project called “RED” and said that it was in the concept phase.

Cuplikan ip baru xdev bocor
Source: People Can Fly

If we look at the previous statement, the person who leaked the trailer claimed that XDEV is working with one of the external studios in Europe. Given that People Can Fly’s location is in Europe, it’s possible that this leaked IP is the result of collaboration with XDEV.

We know that Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to make more live-service games and People Can Fly has that experience with their new IPs like Outriders, it could be that the title is part of those plans.

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