House of Slots – Review: Can players really earn USDC by Free to Play?

As we know, there have been many play-to-earn games released, such as Axie Infinity, Mir4, and others. With the success of these games, not only MMORPG and strategy games want to follow suit. There are many other game genres being released and success is following suit.

In addition, social casino games with play-to-earn content are also quite rare. So, is it true that none of the social casino games have a play-to-earn system?

Spin your Luck with House of Slots, now with REAL PROFIT!

In partnership with Neowiz and Intella X, Massive Gaming recently released a large play-to-earn social casino game, House of Slots. House of Slots is a Vegas-style casino game where players can collect USDC bonuses by playing slot machines. The game has been released on March 6, 2023, on Google and Apple Store platforms. This play-to-earn game uses blockchain technology and gives players the opportunity to earn crypto rewards with the skill and effort spent.

Come play House of Slots, the unprecedented social casino game, and see what kind of potential you can get by playing this exciting game. To download it, you can use the link below

First Experience Playing House of Slots

High-quality Design and Graphics

Lobby house of slots

House of Slots has a high-quality design and graphics. From the moment you enter the lobby, you will be presented with good art from a simple game menu. The design of each slot machine is also different, making this social casino game more interesting to play.

Over 90 Types of Classic and Video Slot Machines with Vegas Style

Erie ofmachine
Series of machine

From the start of opening the game, you will be presented with several types of slot machines that can be played. House of Slots provides a download feature for each slot machine so you can have whichever machine you want to play without downloading the entire game data.

As your level increases, you’ll create new slot types with bigger and bigger rewards.

Unlimited Free Coin Rewards

For f2p players, you don’t need to worry because House of Slots provides tons of free coin rewards for its players. You can get extra coins from Welcome Bonus, Time Bonus, Store Bonus, Mega Wheel Bonus, Daily Inbox Bonus, and even Advertising Rewards.

All these unlimited free coins are given so that players can spend a lot of time playing this social casino game.

Lots of Fun Mini Games

Besides the various slot machines and bonuses, you can also play mini-games. There are 777 Collection, Daily Quest, Bingo, Grand Blast, Betting Rush, and Galaxy Quest events. Each of these games you can play when you have reached the given target.

Each mini-game can be played for free and will certainly have a variety of amazing prizes.

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Unlike real money casino games, there are many free gifts and promotional events to participate in. You also don’t need KYC requirements to prove yourself. So there will be no registration form that requires you to fill in your personal details and provide important documents. The game is officially listed on Google and Apple Store which makes it easy for players to access the game.

Exchange house of slots
Exchange house of slots

House of Slots allows its players to earn USDC with their skills and efforts. As we know, USDC is one of the most stable and trustworthy coins.

Highroller house of slots
Highroller house of slots

There is also the “Highroller Challenge” content, which guarantees players a big prize every week according to how much time they spend.


Players Can Earn USDC with Free to Play

Without purchase, players can collect free gifts and play games to earn Rubies. Players can invest their time and hard work by playing this game to collect lots of Rubies. These rubies can then be exchanged for USDC.

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Participating in the “Highroller Challenge” event and staying loyal to the game is guaranteed to earn Rubies every week. In other words, they can receive USDC income every week.

Highroller 05
Highroller 05

Of course, players who make payments and play House of Slots have the opportunity and guarantee to earn more Rubies per week.

Ma ivegamingbg
Massive gaming

House of Slots is expected to take on the role of a play to earn social casino games like never before with a variety of free prize opportunities as well as stable prizes from USDC. In addition, House of Poker and House of Blackjack are the next line-ups of Massive Gaming. In other words, these projects also have great potential in the Play to Earn gaming industry.

Massive gaming dan game lainnya
Massive gaming and other games

Big Event Information

1 btc giveaway
1 btc giveaway

Massive Gaming will be holding a giveaway event of 1 Bitcoin free bonus to celebrate the global release of House of Slots on May 15, 2023. There are many prizes to be given away including BTC, ETH, and USDC which is known as the layer1 and most stable token on the crypto scene.


It is estimated that there will be 400 winners who will get the prize. Participating players can earn USDC by playing House of Slots. During the event period, players who manage to earn a lot of USDC will get a high ranking.

First place will get 1 BTC, while second and third place will be awarded 1 ETH each. Meanwhile, below third place will get 1000, 500, 100, and 50 USDC according to their rank.

You can visit the following link for more information about the 1 Bitcoin giveaway event from the House of Slots global launch celebration. Also, get the latest updates from Massive Gaming via official sites and social media: Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Medium.

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