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Lamar Mod APK is now a game that many gamers are looking for a download link for. This is a game that tells about the life of a man named Lamar who is fed up with his bad and debt-filled life.

To change his life, Lamar has done everything from working and doing business to creating content and making money from the internet. He did it all to change his life and live in peace.

For that in this article, we will discuss and share the Lamar Mod APK download link. For those of you who want to know what the game is like, then you have to see the full discussion in this article until completion.

What is Lamar Mod APK?

Lamar mod apk
Lamar idle vlogger

Lamar Mod APK is a casual single player life simulator game about the life of a guy named Lamar. He is a guy who lives in a garbage town, drives a rusty old junk car, can only afford a cheap egg for breakfast, looks like a hustler, spends his nights in the local bar, and dreams of true success.

Lamar didn’t want to live like that and he wanted to change his destiny. So he decided to start his own blog and make a lot of money to become the top idle blogger, the best life streamer, and the most famous bulb in the world.

Start living like other top vlogging heroes, move to a big city to grow your own business, and eat more than one egg per day or even eat a better diet.

You will learn many things about being a blogger, from the importance of hard work, building your own career, and getting rich, to building your own business.


Features of Lamar Mod APK

Lamar mod apk
Lamar idle vlogger

As a mod version application, this Lamar Mod APK certainly has additional features in it. This feature can make the game more interesting for you to play and can only be found in the mod version of the application, here are the features.

Unlimited Money

The first feature that you can enjoy in this mod version of the Lamar game is Unlimited Money. With this feature, you will get a very large amount of money instantly and will never run out. So you can buy what you want without worrying about running out of money again.

Unlimited Gold

Apart from money, you can also enjoy another additional feature, Unlimited Gold. Gold itself can serve to speed up earning money and buying various expensive items in the game. With the Unlimited Gold feature, you will have a very large amount of Gold and will never run out.

All Items Open

In the game Lamar there are many items that you can buy, from houses, food, equipment accessories, vehicles, and others. Now interesting, when you play the Lamar Mod APK game, all these items are automatically opened and you can use them immediately.

Free Upgrade

Various items in this game can be upgraded to a higher level, but to do that, you need a lot of money. To facilitate this, the Lamar Mod APK game we are sharing also offers a free upgrade feature that allows players to upgrade as much as they want for free.

100% Ad-Free

If you play the original Lamar game, then you will find ads while playing. Of course, it will be very annoying, and for that we recommend playing the Lamar Mod APK game. Because, this mod version of the Lamar game is 100% clean from ads, so you will be able to play it comfortably.

Lamar Mod APK vs Original Difference

Lamar mod apk
Lamar idle vlogger

Since Lamar Mod APK is a mod version application developed by a third party, there will certainly be differences between the Mod version of the Lamar game and the Original version. Here we have provided a table containing information about the differences between the two.

Mod APKOriginal
Unlimited MoneyLimited Money
Unlimited GoldLimited Gold
All Items OpenAll Items Locked
Free UpgradeUpgrade Must Pay
100% Ad-FreeContains Ads

Download Lamar Mod APK

Download lamar mod apk

Please note that you will not be able to find and download Lamar Mod APK through Play Store or App Store. Because this mod application is only available and can be downloaded through websites on the Internet. But don’t worry because we will also share the download link. It is very easy, just click on the download button below.

This application contains content that can be enjoyed by all ages, from children and teenagers to adults. You can download this Lamar Mod APK application on Android phones that support Android OS 7.0 and above. Here are the full details about the application.

Nama AplikasiLamar
Compatible withAndroid 7.0 and above
Size110 MB
DeveloperAdvant Limited

How to Install Lamar Mod APK

Because the application we share is a mod version, so you have to install it manually. Now for those who don’t know how, then you can see and follow the tutorial that we provide below.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Download Lamar Mod APK

Download lamar mod apk

First, please download the APK file via the link we provided above and wait until the download process is complete.

Enable Installation of Apps From Unknown Sources

How to 2

Next go to the Settings menu, then enable the installation of apps from Unknown Sources.

Install Lamar Mod APK

Lamar mod apk

After that, you can open the File Manager application, find the location of the APK file that you downloaded earlier, install it as usual and wait for the installation process to complete.

Game Ready to Play

Lamar mod apk

If so, now you can open and play the game, Happy Playing 🙂

So that was the discussion about Lamar Mod APK, hopefully, the information we provide can be useful and useful. Keep following Gamedaim so you don’t miss the updated information about Games and other Mod APKs from us.

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