Does Playing Games Make You Smart? Here’s the answer

Nowadays, playing games has become a common activity in people’s eyes. Whether it’s children, teenagers, or adults, there are still many who play games.

Although some say that games are a waste of time and not useful. But some claim that playing games can make us smarter.

Is it true that playing games make you smart? To find out the answer, let’s take a look together with the following review.


Does Playing Games Make You Smart?

Does playing games make you smart
Does playing games make you smart?

According to Business Insider, from the results of a study published by Nature in 2019. Researchers from China University of Electronic Science and Technology breast Australia’s Macquarie University found that playing a game can increase reactions in the brain.

On the other hand, many studies have also shown that gaming has a real impact on cognition. What is Cognition? Cognition is a mental process that occurs about something obtained from thinking about someone or something. The process is to acquire knowledge and manipulate knowledge through the activities of remembering, analyzing, understanding, assessing, reasoning, imagining, and speaking. This was reported by Wikipedia.

Playing games can boost your brain’s reaction time, improve your decision-making skills, and also how to solve problems in a competitive environment. Games can improve cognitive abilities that can be useful in society.

So does playing games make you smart? According to cognitive neuroscientist Bobby Stojanoski from Western University in Ontario, there is no research that can really confirm the truth about games that can improve brain ability.

Launching ScienceNews, Bobby said, “In every study we found, there are studies that show that games can improve brain ability and there are studies with results that actually show the opposite.”

Playing Games Can Improve Eyesight

Does playing games make you smart
Playing games can improve eyesight

Many of you may think that playing games can damage our eyesight. But the truth is quite the opposite, playing games can improve one’s eyesight.

One thing that can make a person lose their eyesight is excessive gaming.

At McMaster University, there is research showing that gaming has an impact on vision. Led by Daphne Maurer, the study collected several adults who had cataracts (eye disease) in both eyes.

Although they underwent surgery in their childhood, they still have problems reading small letters and identifying faces. After they played a game called Medal of Honor: Airborne for 40 hours in 1 month (regularly per day, no exaggeration) there was an improvement in their ability to see as it was easier to recognize faces and read small letters.

Does playing games make you smart? In our opinion, playing games can make a person smart if he or she can figure out the benefits of playing games themselves. There are many types of games that can be played today and many of them can provide good benefits for people who play them.

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