Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List, META November 2022

Garnering positive reviews since its release, Goddess of Victory NIKKE has become one of the games that fans have been talking about. How not, the gameplay they offer is indeed very unique. In addition, the many beautiful and sexy female characters are the main attraction of this game. Speaking of this game, here is the Goddess of Victory NIKKE tier list that is being sought after.

For your information, Goddess of Victory NIKKE is a mobile game that requires you to command these android girls to protect the earth. Through the Cover-based Shooter gameplay mechanism, the main attraction of this game is certainly the fanservice they offer.

How Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List Works

Nikke 1
Nikke 1

Before getting into the topic, it would be nice to know Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list system works. Broadly speaking, the tier list in this game will continue to change every time. For this reason, we will continue to update this article in the future.

Furthermore, the tier list in Goddess of Victory NIKKE is divided into several different scales. Here are the details.

  • ACE Tier: Characters with the most powerful skills, stats, and combat potential in the game.
  • Tier S: High-end characters that can be relied upon in a variety of different situations.
  • Tier A: Characters below Tier S, but still suitable to play as core members if you don’t have Tier S characters yet.
  • Tier B: Characters with only standard stats and standard abilities. However, characters with this Tier can bring out their full potential if used correctly.
  • Tier C: The bottom character. My advice is that you don’t need to use characters with this tier if you have progressed far.
  • Tier D: Characters that you must avoid. Because these characters are useless in the team and their abilities are not that good.

Just for the record, Goddess of Victory NIKKE divides each character into three different roles, namely Attacker, Defender, and Support. In addition, there are various weapons and elements and different bursts when forming a team. Well, the game’s developer limits you to a team of 5 characters only.

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Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List – Support

  • Liter – Tier ACE
  • Pepper – Tier S
  • Exia – Tier A
  • Neon – Tier A
  • Dolla – Tier A
  • Admi – Tier A
  • Noise – Tier B
  • Emma – Tier B
  • Yan – Tier B
  • Miranda – Tier B
  • N102 – Tier B
  • Frima – Tier B
  • Rapunzel – Tier B
  • Mary – Tier C
  • Mica – Tier C
  • Soline – Tier D
  • Product 08 – Tier D
  • Product 23 – Tier D
  • iDoll Sun – Tier D
  • iDoll Ocean – Tier D
  • Soldier OW – Tier D

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List – Defenders

  • Ludmilla – Tier ACE
  • Noah – Tier S
  • Novel – Tier S
  • Harran – Tier S
  • Poli – Tier A
  • Yuni – Tier A
  • Centi – Tier B
  • Delta – Tier B
  • Crow – Tier B
  • Anis – Tier B
  • Diesel – Tier C
  • Ether – Tier C
  • Folkwang – Tier C
  • Mihara – Tier D
  • Soldier FA – Tier D
  • iDoll Flower – Tier D

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List – Attacker

Tier list goddes of victory nikke - scarlet
  • Scarlet – Tier ACE
  • Privaty – Tier S
  • Volume– Tier S
  • Drake – Tier A
  • Guillotine – Tier A
  • Snow White – Tier A
  • Rapi – Tier A
  • Julia – Tier A
  • Sugar – Tier A
  • Signal – Tier A
  • Brid – Tier A
  • Milk – Tier A
  • Alice – Tier B
  • Maxwell – Tier B
  • Belorta – Tier B
  • Rupee – Tier B
  • Maiden – Tier B
  • Aria – Tier C
  • Epinel – Tier C
  • Yulha – Tier C
  • Vesti – Tier D
  • Isabel – Tier D
  • Eunhwa – Tier D
  • Solider EG – Tier D
  • Product 12 – Tier D

Well, that’s the discussion about the Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List. If you have any questions or anything else, feel free to write them down in the space provided.

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