How to Access and Play Google Memory Games in Browser

Google Memory Game is one of the mini-games provided by Google. You can access this game through a browser application on a Mobile device or PC connected to an internet connection.

In the game, the player can choose from a selection of 4 marine animal characters namely the Pufferfish, Turtle, Octopus, and Jellyfish. The interface of the game is quite simple and each marine animal character has a different voice. This sound will be the center of the game.

This game is also included as a game that can hone brain skills, especially in terms of memory. This is a good thing, because, in addition to entertainment, we can also improve our brain abilities by playing games.

For that reason, this time Gamedaim will tell you all about how to play the Google Memory Game game. Please note that you don’t need to install additional applications to be able to play this game. Because you can play it directly through the Browser application.

How to Access Google Memory Games

How to access Google Memory Games is not difficult to do, all you need is a Mobile device or PC connected to the Internet. For how, you can refer to the tutorial below.

Open Browser App on Mobile or PC

Game memori google

First, you can open a browser application such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or other browsers on your HP or PC.

Search for the keyword “Google Memory Game” in the search bar.

Game memori google

In the search field, you can type “Google Memory Game”.

Press Enter

Game memori google

Then you can Press Enter and wait until the Google Memory Game search results page appears.

Click Play

Game memori google

After that, you can click Play.

Game Ready to Play

Game memori google

Done, Google Memory Game is ready to play, Happy Playing 🙂

Also, make sure that the audio or sound quality of the Mobile or PC you are using must also be normal. Because this game relies on sound to be played correctly.

How to Play Google Memory Games

After being able to access this game, now we will continue with how to play. This game features 4 sea animals as characters to make sounds, each animal has a different sound.

Later Google will start music with a combination of the four marine animals. Now here, you will remember which animal sounds are correct according to the music played by Google.

Google Memory Game has no level limit, so you can say you’ll keep going until you make a mistake.

The higher the level, the more difficult and challenging the combination of sound sequences will be. Not only do you have to remember the sequence of sounds, but the appearance of each marine animal is also important to remember. It’s a great game to play, as it hones your brain’s memory skills.

Once you’re done playing, you can replay the game to see what you did wrong.

So that was the information about how to access and play Google Memory Games. Don’t forget to follow Gamedaim so you don’t miss other updated information about games from us.

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